Brand Name : Ajantha

Sona Masoori 3D Arabic side 18kg
Sona Masoori 3D English side 18kg
Sona White Rice Actual Bag
Sona Masoori English 3D Sideview 18kg

Sona Masuri


Sona Masuri Rice is Lightweight, Aromatic and from one of the staple Diet for Varied Natives. The Premium Quality Rice is Consumed Locally and Exported to Middle Eastern European and South Asian Countries and has a Fan Following for its Taste and Aroma thah Lasts its Lifetime.

Rupali Medium Grain Rice


This type of rice produces moist, tender, slightly chewy grains that stick to each other when cooked. Common medium-grain rices include Arborio and Valencia, which are typically used to make risotto, and Bomba rice, which is used in paella.

Rupali Premium Grain Rice


True to its name, premium-grain rice is slim and lengthy, nearly four to five times longer than it is wide. This type of rice includes American long-grain white and brown rices, Basmati rice, and Jasmine rice, and produces distinct firm grains that stay fluffy and separate after cooking. The grains have a firm, dry texture, and are best for side dishes, pilafs and salads.

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